Stay Safe

StaySafe with Agir Springs

The health and safety of our customers and staff have always been of the utmost importance to Agir Springs.
Given the Covid-19 crisis they are even more important. On this page we explain the steps we have taken in our hotels to ensure that our already strict safety and hygiene procedures are even more robust, and follow all necessary guidelines.
MedPlaya has developed these plans alongside expert consultants, national and local authorities, and following the advice and recommendations of Spanish Hotelier Associations and ABTA UK.

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Our 18 point plan


1. Physical Distancing

Physical distancing in place throughout the hotel in all public and staff areas


2. Signage & Information

Clear signage throughout the hotel for social distancing and hand cleaning. Required distances marked out in certain areas.


3. Increased Cleaning and Disinfection

Clear schedule of increased cleaning of all public areas indoor and outdoor addedto our already stringent cleaning protocol


4. Sanitising Points throughout the hotel

Gel dispensers available in all public areas and all staff work stations


5.  Hotel Room Cleanliness

After check out each hotel bedroom will be disinfected prior to new guests checking into the room


6. Capacity levels

Capacity levels in public areas strictly in place throughout the hotel


7. Payment by Credit Card

Payment by credit card available and recommended for all hotel services


8. Hotel Staff equipped with protective equipment

All our hotel staff provided with necessary PPE material in order to carry out their roles in the hotel


9. Sunbeds around pool terraces

Sunbeds available outside available and arranged according to capacity and social distancing requirements


10. Swimming Pools

Swimming pools available according to capacity and social distancing requirements


11. Food Service

A selection of foods and dishes served as single portion servings for example, salads, desserts, ice cream, along with accompaniments in single use packaging such as sauces or seasoning


12. Agir Springs Staff fully trained and prepared  

All our staff in every Department of the hotel fully trained in all Health & Safety procedures and practises and have all the tools needed in order to carry out their job roles safely.


13. Entertainment

Activities for our smaller guests will take place as part our adapted entertainment programme, always ensuring social distancing requirements are followed. Services will be available according to demand and always in small groups.


14. Room Key Card

All key cards disinfected prior to next guest check-in


15. All Room extras sanitised

Remote controls, hairdryers etc. thoroughly cleaned and disinfected


16. Bar Service 

Capacity of seating in bars followed as per requirements and maintaining social distancing


17 Restaurant Service

Capacity of seating in restaurant as per requirements and maintaining social distancing


18. Restaurant Buffet

Buffets with service assisted by our restaurant staff